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Figure 5

From: A truncated form of the Carbon catabolite repressor 1 increases cellulase production in Trichoderma reesei

Figure 5

Transcript and CHART analysis of Trichoderma reesei CREI-mutant strains during growth on D-glucose. QM6a-CREI96(a) and the Δcre1-strain (b) were grown on D-glucose and samples were taken after 36 (dots), 39 (boxes), 42 (triangles), 45 (diamonds) hours. The cbh1 (green), cbh2 (orange), and xyr1 (blue) genes were investigated. The gene expression analysis was performed by cDNA synthesis followed by qPCR, and transcript levels (log) are depicted on the x-axis. CHART-PCR was performed by Dnase I digestion followed by qPCR, and CAIs are depicted on the y-axis. In both cases sar1 and act genes were used for data normalization and QM6a-CREI96 grown for 36 hours was the reference condition. All values are means from measurements in triplicates and three biological experiments (cultivations). Standard deviations were below 5%. Diagrams are identically scaled. (c) Spearman's rank correlation coefficients were calculated (close to -1 indicates negative correlation; close to 0 indicates no linear correlation; close to 1 indicates positive correlation). The P-values for each correlation coefficient were calculated to determine significance of data (how different from zero). P >0.05 was considered as indicative of no linear correlation.

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