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Table 1 Investigated candidate genes encoding ATP-dependent chromatin remodelling factors

From: A truncated form of the Carbon catabolite repressor 1 increases cellulase production in Trichoderma reesei

Protein ID Annotationa Provisory name
44747 Helicase-like transcription factor HLTF/DNA helicase RAD5, DEAD-box superfamily htf1 (snf2)
57935 Chromatin remodelling complex SWI/SNF, component SWI2 and related ATPases (DNA/RNA helicase superfamily)/ATPase snf2-like
21557 Chromatin remodelling factor subunit and related transcription factors rsc8
57608 Chromatin remodelling complex WSTF-ISWI, small subunit isw1
109526 Chromatin remodelling complex WSTF-ISWI, small subunit isw2
50539 SNF2 family DNA-dependent ATPase ino80
58928 Chromodomain-helicase DNA-binding protein cdh1
  1. aaccording to TRIRE Joint Genome Institute - JGI - Trichoderma reesei v2.0 database.