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Figure 6

From: Engineering geminivirus resistance in Jatropha curcus

Figure 6

Heritable virus resistance trait in T1 transgenic plants. (A) Virus symptoms in WT control plants and progeny plants of transgenic line 82–1 after infection of ICMV-Dha . Bar: 1 cm. (B) Quantitative PCR analysis of virus titers after virus challenge. Uninfected (U1 to U4) WT plants were used as controls and the average control value was set as 1. Inoculated (I1 to I4) WT plants were used as positive controls. (C) PCR analysis of genomic DNAs prepared from WT and transgenic lines. Upper panel: PCR product using P1 and P2 primers. Lower panel: PCR product using P3-1 and P4-1 primers. (D) Southern blotting using a probe carrying the CaMV 35S double enhancers for transgenic T1 progeny plants derived from selfing of T0 plant 81. Note that line 82–3 was a null segregant.M: DNA size markers in bp.

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