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Figure 8

From: Engineering geminivirus resistance in Jatropha curcus

Figure 8

Phylogenetic relationship of viral isolates recovered from infected J. curcus plants. Four J. curcus-isolates formed one clade in a diagram showing the phylogenic relationship among various geminiviruses. Transgenic lines generated from this report are supposed to be resistant to geminiviruses from this clade. ACMV, African cassava mosaic virus; EACMCV, East African cassava mosaic Cameroon virus; EACMV, East African cassava mosaic virus; SACMV, South African cassava mosaic virus; ICMV, Indian cassava mosaic virus; SLCMV, Sri Lankan cassava mosaic virus; GPMLCuV, Gossypium punctatum mild leaf curl virus. The database accession number of each sequence is given.

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