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Figure 1

From: Kinetic transcriptome analysis reveals an essentially intact induction system in a cellulase hyper-producer Trichoderma reesei strain

Figure 1

RUT C30 and NG 14 bioreactor culture profiles. Growth curves (dry biomass concentration g.L-1) and protein production levels (extracellular protein concentration g.L-1 (EC Prot. Conc.), as assayed by Bradford method (see Results), are displayed for NG 14 and RUT C30 T. reesei strains. Time 0 h marks the start of lactose feeding. Negative values represent the 24 h of batch culture and positive values the first 48 h of fed-batch culture with lactose. Each curve represents the average measure of two independent cultures; error bars show average standard deviation to give an estimate of replicates’ quality (excluding technical replicates). One NG 14 replicate is lacking after 24 h lactose induction, so dispersion data is not available. Bradford method allows accurate assessment of production start and comparison between strains but underestimates actual values and is therefore not appropriate for carbon balancing (see Results for detailed explanations).

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