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Table 2 Purification summary of PbChi74 from P. barengoltzii

From: An acidic, thermostable exochitinase with β-N-acetylglucosaminidase activity from Paenibacillus barengoltzii converting chitin to N-acetyl glucosamine

Purification step Total activity (U)a Total protein (mg)b Specific activity (U mg-1) Purification factor (fold) Recovery yield (%)
Crude enzyme 563.7 63.4 8.8 1 100
Ni-NTA agarose 326.6 16.4 19.9 2.2 57.9
  1. aEnzyme activity was measured at 65°C in 50 mM citrate buffer (pH 4.5) using 1% (w/v) of colloidal chitin as the substrate.
  2. bProtein concentration was measured by the Lowry method [41] using BSA as the standard.