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Table 5 Framework for development of a vision for multiply beneficial land use

From: Bioenergy and African transformation

Domain What is? What could be?
a. Society Wealth generation/distribution, and access to capital; supply and demand of food, water, fodder, and energy; land ownership and occupation Define needs and aspirations based on community and stakeholder input at relevant scales.
b. Geography Precipitation, temperature, soil texture, irrigation potential. Define potential yields of food crops, pasture, and energy crops.
c. Land management Land cover, use, and disturbances; current crop yields Define how management would have to optimize the potential defined in domain b based on the needs and aspirations defined in domain a.
d. Environment Inventory C and N? Flows, ecosystem services, soil and air quality, water quality and access. Evaluate the changes in domain c with respect to environmental objectives; propose strategies to mitigate any conflicts.
e. Synthesis   Considering all aspects, develop a vision for multiply beneficial land use responsive to social and economic priorities featuring production of food and bioenergy without compromising water and other natural resources, and catalyzed by responsible investment.