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Figure 1

From: Simultaneous improvement in production of microalgal biodiesel and high-value alpha-linolenic acid by a single regulator acetylcholine

Figure 1

Effectiveness of ACh on other species of the Chlorella genus. (a-c) The dry weight, lipid content, and lipid productivity of other Chlorella species were stimulated by ACh. (d) A higher ALA content was determined at 311.3 ± 17 mg g-1 of dry weight in C. Protothecoides UTEX 256 treated with ACh. (e) ACh was efficient in increasing the biodiesel yield to 31.5 ± 2% in ACh-treated samples of C. Protothecoides UTEX 256. ACh was used at the initial phase of algal growth at a dosage of 5 μg L-1 in TAP medium. All data were expressed as mean ± standard error (n = 3) of three separate tests.

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