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Figure 2

From: Semi-continuous anaerobic digestion for biogas production: influence of ammonium acetate supplement and structure of the microbial community

Figure 2

The DGGE profile for the microbial communities analyses at different AD stages. A, Bacterial community at different AD stages; B, Archaeal community at different AD stages. AD, anaerobic digestion; B, blank group; D, days; DGGE, denatured gradient gel electrophoresis; H, high group; L, low group; M, moderate group. The bands in FigureĀ 2 A indicate the presence of different microorganisms: 1.Thermotogae bacterium JX473505.1; 2.Uncultured bacterium DQ490120.1; 3.Uncultured Planctomycetales bacterium AM406812.1; 4.Mesotoga sp.KC800693.1; 5.Thermotogae bacterium JX473505.1; 6.Trichococcus sp.FJ374769.1; 7.Uncultured Spirochaetes bacterium JN998192.1; 8.Trichococcus sp.AM933652.1; 9.Synergistetes bacterium JX473564.1.The bands in FigureĀ 2 B indicate the presence of different microorganisms: 1.Methanobacterium formicicum JX042445.1; 2. Methanobacteriaceae archaeon JN836400.1; 3.Uncultured Methanobacterium sp.HQ231787.1; 4.Uncultured methanogenic archaeon DQ682552.1; 5.Uncultured crenarchaeote HQ141818.1; 6.Uncultured methanogenic archaeon DQ682560.1; 7.Unkonw.

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