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Figure 5

From: Trichoderma reesei meiosis generates segmentally aneuploid progeny with higher xylanase-producing capability

Figure 5

The SAN mutants contain a duplicated D segment but no L segment. Shown are aCGH results in scaffold M (27 + 28 + 36) and scaffold 33 of the two parental strains (upper two panels), three viable SAN progeny (D2, D3, and D5), and one viable euploid progeny (N6) (middle four panels), and the return-to-euploid (RTU) strains of D2-SAN and D5-SAN (D2-RTU and D5-RTU, lower two panels). The three SAN progeny contain two D segments and lose the L segment, whereas the D2-RTU and D5-RTU strains have a D segment but no L segment.

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