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Figure 7

From: Trichoderma reesei meiosis generates segmentally aneuploid progeny with higher xylanase-producing capability

Figure 7

The SAN progeny produce higher levels of xylanases. (A) Xylanase and (B) cellulase specific activities (U/mg of mycelium) of the indicated strains were measured using xylazyme AX tablet and Azo-CM-cellulose as substrates, respectively. Experiments were conducted in triplicate and are presented with standard deviations. (C) The SAN strains produced more biomass than the two CBS999.97 euploid strains or the RTU strains in a xylan-based Mandels-Andreotti medium. Experiments were conducted with two different colonies, each in triplicate, and are presented with mean values ± SEM (error bars). (D) The D2-SAN grew better than the parental euploid strain CBS999.97(1-1, re) on rice straw.

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