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Figure 2

From: Untreated Chlorella homosphaera biomass allows for high rates of cell wall glucan enzymatic hydrolysis when using exoglucanase-free cellulases

Figure 2

The time course for the release of glucose from C. homosphaera biomass (50 mg d.w./mL) in 50 mM citrate buffer, pH 4.8, at 50° C . The biomass was hydrolyzed using the enzyme preparations from T. reesei (filled circles), A. cellulolyticus (open triangles), A. awamori (inverted filled triangles), the T. reesei-A. awamori blend (open circles), the A. cellulolyticus-A. awamori blend (open squares), and partially purified β-glucosidase (diamonds). Biomass suspended in buffer without enzyme preparation was used as the control (filled squares). The data were fitted into an exponential function as described in the ‘Materials and methods’ section. Standard deviation was less than 10% of the mean value and bars were omitted for clarity.

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