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Figure 2

From: Downregulation of GAUT12 in Populus deltoides by RNA silencing results in reduced recalcitrance, increased growth and reduced xylan and pectin in a woody biofuel feedstock

Figure 2

Sequence alignment of Populus deltoides and Arabidopsis GAUT12 homologs and expression of Populus GAUT12 genes. (A) Amino acid sequence alignment between Arabidopsis GAUT12 and Populus GAUT12. Numbers at the right of each sequence are the positions of amino acid residues in the corresponding proteins. Identical amino acid residues across all three genes are shaded with black and identical residues between two genes are shaded with gray. (B) PdGAUT12.1 and (C) PdGAUT12.2 expression in different tissues of P. deltoides as analyzed by quantitative Real-Time PCR. A Populus 18S ribosomal RNA (18S rRNA) gene was used as internal standard for normalization and the expression of PdGAUT12.1 in young leaf was set to1. Data are means of three biological replicates ± SE.

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