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Figure 9

From: Downregulation of GAUT12 in Populus deltoides by RNA silencing results in reduced recalcitrance, increased growth and reduced xylan and pectin in a woody biofuel feedstock

Figure 9

Glycome profiling of PdGAUT12.1 -KD Populus plants. Sequential extracts of cell walls (AIR) were prepared from WT and PdGAUT12.1-KD Populus lines (AB30.1, AB30.3, AB30.8, and AB30.11) using increasingly harsh reagents as explained in methods. The extracts were screened by ELISA using 155 mAbs directed against epitopes present on most major non-cellulosic plant cell wall glycans (Additional file 8). The resulting binding response data are represented as heatmaps using a white-red-dark-blue scale indicating the strength of the ELISA signal (white, red, and dark-blue colors depict strong, medium, and no binding, respectively). The mAbs are grouped based on the cell wall glycans they predominantly recognize as depicted in the panel at right hand side of the figure. The gravimetric amounts of materials extracted from the wall by each extraction reagent are depicted as bar graphs at the top of the heatmaps. The dotted boxes show major regions of the profiles where reduced antibody binding was observed in extracts of PdGAUT12.1-KD walls.

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