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Table 1 Point mutations discovered in GS-evolved strain R57

From: Deconstructing the genetic basis of spent sulphite liquor tolerance using deep sequencing of genome-shuffled yeast

Gene Chr Mutation Gene function Genotype SIFT score
NRG1 IV 137C > A (P46Q) Transcriptional repressor, stress tolerance Homo 0
UBP7 a IX 2466 T > A (N822K) Ubiquitin-specific protease Homo 0.33
ART5 a VII 454C > A (L152I) Regulates endocytosis and turnover of cell-surface proteins by targeted ubiquitination Hetero 0.17
SSA1 a I 91C > A (Q31K) ATP-ase, protein folding, heat shock, HSP70 Hetero 0
GDH1 b XV 47C > T (S16F) Glutamate synthesis from ammonia Hetero 0
GDH1 b 68 T > G (F23C) Hetero 0
ARO1 b IV 1283C > T (S428F) Catalyzes biosynthesis of chorismate leading to aromatic amino acids Hetero 0
ARO1 b 1284C > T (Silent) Hetero -
STE5 b IV 512C > T (S171F) Pheromone-response scaffold protein, forms MAPK cascade complex Hetero 0
STE5 b 2649 T > C (Silent) Hetero -
MAL11 b VII 310C > T (P104S) Alpha-glucoside symporter, with high affinity for trehalose Hetero 0
MAL11 b 482 T > A (M161K) Hetero 0.02
GSH1 c X T > A (73 bp 5′ UTR) Glutamylcysteine synthetase, glutathione biosynthesis Hetero -
PBP1 c VII T > C (191 bp 5′ UTR) Controls mRNA poly(A), stress granule formation and translation control Hetero -
FIT3 c XV C > T (42 bp 3′ UTR) Iron transport Hetero -
NOP58 c XV A > T (25 bp 3′ UTR) Pre-rRNA processing and rRNA synthesis Hetero -
YNL058Cd XIV 7A > G (K3E) Unknown function Hetero 0.42
DOP1 d IV 40A > T (N14Y) Endosome to Golgi transport, ER organization, cell polarity and morphogenesis Hetero 0.05
TOF2 d XI 2141 C > T (S714L) rDNA silencing, stimulates Cdc14p for mitotic rDNA separation Hetero 0.27
SGO1 d XV 575C > A (S192Y) Chromosomal segregation and stability Hetero 0.03
  1. Bold font represents alleles that gain in frequency over GS evolution. aGene group containing genes that are related to protein homeostasis. bGene group containing genes bearing more than one mutation in R57. cGene group containing UTR mutations. dGene group containing alleles with limited evidence for a phenotypic linkage to HWSSL tolerance.