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Table 1 Assembly statistics of the L. punctata transcriptome

From: Uniconazole-induced starch accumulation in the bioenergy crop duckweed (Landoltia punctata) I: transcriptome analysis of the effects of uniconazole on chlorophyll and endogenous hormone biosynthesis

Items Characteristics
PE read number 241,859,950
Contig number 140,432
Contig ≥10,000 bp 133
Contig ≥2,000 bp 25,641
Contigs >1,000 bp 50,008
Average length (bp) 1,131
Max length (bp) 18,144
N50 length (bp) 2,197
Total length (bp) 158,793,737
  1. PE reads from five L. punctata samples were pooled together and assembled using Trinity (v2012-06-08). Statistics were conducted by common perl scripts.