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Table 6 Genes with less abundant (<60 percentile rank) mRNA and highly abundant (>80 percentile rank) proteins—butyrate stress

From: Complex and extensive post-transcriptional regulation revealed by integrative proteomic and transcriptomic analysis of metabolite stress response in Clostridium acetobutylicum

Gene Function RBS score
CAC1425 a Dut - dUTP hydrolase 11.11
CAC3654 a Heavy metal binding 12.38
CAC0819 a PRPP syn. 12.38
CAC3211 b DNA binding protein 12.87
  1. Genes are in italics to indicate their differential proteomic upregulation, while bold represents proteins that were expressed only under butyrate stress and lacked expression under control condition
  2. a5′UTR was not determined due to lack of sufficient data (reads)
  3. bCAC3211 had a 5′UTR of 19 under butyrate stress but was leaderless under non-stress condition