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Table 8 Comparison and validation of the proteomic data with earlier reported proteomic work

From: Complex and extensive post-transcriptional regulation revealed by integrative proteomic and transcriptomic analysis of metabolite stress response in Clostridium acetobutylicum

Work Brief description Proteins identified Proteins found in this work (iTRAQ) Key findings Comparison with mRNA expression
Schaffer et al. (2002) Solventogenesis 130 All 130 proteins have been identified under butanol/butyrate stress Proteins involved in the solventogenic pathway Northern analysis (selected few)
Sullivan and Bennett (2006) Acidogenesis and solventogenesis 23 22 proteins were observed in this study Proteins expressed during the onset of solventogenesis With microarray data from Tomas and Alsaker (2004)
Mao et al. (2010) Cytoplasmic proteins (DSM 1731 and Rh8 tolerant mutant) 564 86 out of the 102 differentially expressed proteins were identified Proteins that play a role in solvent toxicity tolerance qRT-PCR of selected differentially expressed protein
Janssen et al. (2010) Continuous culture of WT in acidogenic and solventogenic phases 178 + 205 178 acidogenic proteins and 205 solventogenic proteins Proteins that are expressed under different metabolic phases DNA microarrays
Mao et al. (2011) Membrane protein DSM 1731 and RH8 tolerant phenotype 341 23 out of the 33 differentially expressed membrane proteins were identified Membrane proteins that were differentially expressed in the butanol hyper-tolerant mutant None
Sivagnanam et al. (2011) CAC proteome under glucose and xylose utilization 717 (glucose) 826 (xylose) 22 of the 23 differentially expressed proteins were identified Proteins that correspond to differential utilization of carbon sources None
Bai and Ji (2012) Phophoproteome of C. acetobutylicum 61 phospho-proteins 57/61 phosphor proteins were also identified in our work Proteins with post translational modifications (PTMs) and their role in stress response None
Sivagnanam et al. (2012) Protein interaction network using STRING and CYTOSCAPE 217 proteins were used to construct a PPI network with 1947 interactions N/A Construction of PPI network to identify regulatory interactions None
Jang et al. (2014) Acidogenesis and solventogenesis. WT, M5, and M5 + pIMP 56 All were also identified by us Proteins differentially expressed during acidogenic and solventogenic phases None