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Fig. 3

From: Restricting lignin and enhancing sugar deposition in secondary cell walls enhances monomeric sugar release after low temperature ionic liquid pretreatment

Fig. 3

Confocal fluorescence imaging of Arabidopsis during [C2C1im][OAc] pretreatment at 140 °C. Autofluorescence of 100 μm slices of the stems from four Arabidopsis lines during [C2C1im][OAc] pretreatment at 140 °C over 4.3 h. Horizontal panels show the different Arabidopsis lines. Vertical panels show the progression of the time course of [C2C1im][OAc] pretreatment on Arabidopsis with a temperature ramp from ambient conditions to 140 ± 5 °C occurring during time 0 to 46 min, scale bar 500 μm

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