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Table 2 Comparison of our best case with a similar nitrogen-starvation study reported in literature

From: Microalgal triacylglycerides production in outdoor batch-operated tubular PBRs

Microalga C x (0) (g L−1) Duration (days) Reactor type V/Aground (m3 m−2) P TAG, batch (g m−2 day−1) f TAG, batch (g g−1) r TAG, IBS, batch (g g−1 day−1) Ref.
N. gaditana 1.5 12 Vertical tubular 0.13 3.1 18 0.02 [14]
N. sp. 1.5 12 Vertical tubular 0.04 3.2 32 0.06 This study
  1. Microalga used, initial biomass concentration (C x (0)), duration of the cultivation, reactor type, volume-to-ground area ratio (V/A ground ), TAG productivity (P TAG, batch ), TAG content (f TAG, batch ) and initial-biomass-specific TAG production rate (r TAG, IBS, batch ) at the end of the batch are shown for each study. The TAG productivity reported by [14] was re-calculated using the duration of the actual batch cultivation under N-starvation (i.e. 12 days), neglecting the time necessary to produce inoculum in chemostat-mode.