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Figure 1

From: Lipid production by the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica using industrial by-products under different culture conditions

Figure 1

Effect of oxygenation conditions and inoculation densities on growth, citric acid production, and lipid production by Y. lipolytica grown in molasses. Strain JMY4086 was grown in a molasses medium and fed with crude glycerol. Growth is expressed as a cell dry weight, b citric acid production, and c lipid production. X biomass, CA citric acid, L lipids, 1 low-density inoculum/unregulated oxygenation condition (filled circles), 2 low-density inoculum/regulated oxygenation condition (filled squares), 3 high-density inoculum/unregulated oxygenation condition (filled triangles), 4 high-density inoculum/regulated oxygenation condition (filled diagonals). The low-density and high-density inocula had optical densities of OD600 = 1 and OD600 = 6, respectively. For the unregulated oxygenation condition, stirring speed was a constant 800 rpm and the aeration rate was 1.5 L/min. For the regulated oxygenation condition, dissolved oxygen was maintained at 50% saturation and the aeration rate was 0–3.5 L/min. All the results presented are the mean values ± SD for two independent biological replicates.

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