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Fig. 4

From: Gaseous ammonia pretreatment lowers the required energy input for fine milling-enhanced enzymatic saccharification of switchgrass

Fig. 4

Monomeric sugar yields as a function of ball milling time with ¼″ stainless steel beads for 1-mm knife-milled untreated and treated UT-4a switchgrass (10 wt% gaseous NH3, 160 °C, 1 h) and 1-mm hammer-milled UT-4a switchgrass treated (20 wt% gaseous NH3) at room temperature, 9 days and then 1-mm knife-milled. The data points are fit with exponential rise curves. Saccharification for 72 h was carried out as in Fig. 1 except that the buffer concentration was 100 mM Na citrate, pH 4.9 and enzyme concentrations were 28 mg Accellerase® 1500/g glucan and 21.5 mg beta xylosidase cocktail/g xylan at a solids loading of 14 %

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