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Fig. 6

From: Generation of random mutants to improve light-use efficiency of Nannochloropsis gaditana cultures for biofuel production

Fig. 6

Measurements of photosynthetic activity in strains with reduced Chl contents. Photosynthetic activity in liquid cultures was monitored using in vivo Chl fluorescence (see “Methods” for details) at the end of exponential phase (4th day of growth). a PSII maximum quantum yield; b, c photosynthetic electron transport rate (ETR); d, e NPQ activation in cells exposed to increasing intensities of actinic light followed by 3 min of recovery in the dark. Only those mutant strains that significantly differed from WT are shown. The data are expressed as the mean ± SD, n = 4; values that significantly differed from wild-type are marked with an asterisk (ANOVA, p value <0.05)

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