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Table 2 Sugar transporters annotated in the genome of P. polymyxa ICGEB2008

From: Insight into metabolic pathways of the potential biofuel producer, Paenibacillus polymyxa ICGEB2008

Sugar Transporter Protein ID Substrate utilizeda
Glucose PTS system 2C glucose-specific components WP_017426741.1, WP_016818550.1 5.0 g/l
Xylose Xylose ABC transporter 2C permease component WP_017426799.1, WP_017426800.1, WP_017426801.1, WP_017427837.1, WP_017428351.1 3.78/l
Sucrose PTS system 2C sucrose-specific component WP_017426394.1, WP_017426681.1, WP_016820208.1 4.52/l
Maltose Maltose/maltodextrin ABC transporter 2C permease protein MalF WP_017427403.1 4.45 g/l
Lactose Lactose transport system (lactose-binding protein) WP_017425625.1 4.16 g/l
Cellobiose PTS system 2C cellobiose-specific component WP_017428673.1, WP_017428674.1, WP_016819955.1 5.0 g/l
Xylobiose Xyloside transporter XynT WP_017427857.1, WP_017426938.1 1.49 g/l
Polysaccharide Polysaccharide ABC transporter substrate-binding protein, polysaccharide ABC transporter permease WP_017425534.1, WP_016822415.1 1.18 g/l (Starch)
  1. aHPLC measurement for substrate unutilized when ICGEB2008 was grown for 48 h in minimal media containing 5 g/l of respective substrate