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Fig. 1

From: Oleaginous yeast platform for producing biofuels via co-solvent hydrothermal liquefaction

Fig. 1

GC–MS chromatograms of DCM-extracted biocrudes. a Non-catalytic HTL without co-solvent, 300 °C; b non-catalytic HTL with co-solvent, 240 °C; c catalytic HTL with co-solvent, 240 °C; and d reference diesel fuel; [peaks identified- 1 glycerol; 2 heptadecane; 3 eicosane, 4 palmitic acid (TMSE), 5 oleic acid (non-derivative), 6 stearic acid (non-derivative), 7 oleic acid (TMSE), 8 stearic acid (TMSE), 9 hexadecenamide, 10 monoglycerides (TMSE), 11 tetracosanoic acid (TMSE), 12 diglycerides (TMSE); triglyceride peaks are not shown]; TMSE: trimethylsilyl ester and trimethylsilyl ether

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