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Fig. 2

From: Oleaginous yeast platform for producing biofuels via co-solvent hydrothermal liquefaction

Fig. 2

Expanded (0–3 ppm) 1H NMR spectra (500 MHz, 25 °C, CDCl3) of biocrudes. a HTL run, 2-L Parr reactor, at 300 °C, w/o co-solvent, with Na2CO3 catalyst, b non-catalytic HTL runs, 2-chamber reactor, 240 °C, with co-solvent, c catalytic HTL runs, 2-chamber reactor, 240 °C, with co-solvent; the sharp peaks near 2.1 ppm (seen in spectra “a” and “c”) is due to acetone impurity (full NMR spectra are presented in supplementary information, Additional file 1: Figure S2)

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