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Fig. 2 | Biotechnology for Biofuels

Fig. 2

From: Engineering improved bio-jet fuel tolerance in Escherichia coli using a transgenic library from the hydrocarbon-degrader Marinobacter aquaeolei

Fig. 2

yceI is the gene responsible for pinene tolerance and its overexpression is not toxic. a Testing the tolerance of cells containing plasmids with the individual genes identified in the pinene tolerance selection. The control is pBbA8k-rfp; other plasmids use the pBbA8k vector and contain either yceI, the gene encoding the hypothetical protein, or both. pBbA5k-96 contains both genes as well as the truncated genes at the start and end of the plasmid insert (see Additional file 3: Table S1). Cells were induced using 100 µM arabinose. b Final OD values under conditions with increasing pinene levels. c Growth curves of cells expressing yceI (pBbA5k-yceI) compared to the control (pBbA5k-rfp) in 0 % and 0.15 % pinene. Cells were induced using 100 µM arabinose. d Measuring the toxicity of yceI expression compared to the control by inducing expression with arabinose. In all plots, error bars represent one standard deviation from the mean

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