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Fig. 1

From: Inducible gene expression system by 3-hydroxypropionic acid

Fig. 1

a Relative mRNA levels and b fold increase of 3-hydroxypropionate catabolism genes in wild-type P. denitrificans ATCC13867. P. denitrificans cells were cultivated in M9 minimal medium containing 5 g/L sodium gluconate. At OD600 of ~0.4–0.5, 3-HP was supplemented at 25 mmol/L (gray bar) or 0 mM (black bar), and cells were harvested after a further 2 h cultivation. The fold increase is indicated by the dark gray bar. The standard deviation of the mRNA-level measurements was <10 %. The mRNA levels were compared with those of the reference gene, rpoD

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