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Table 2 Comparison of SMA values of this study with previous studies done on (co-)digestion of lignocellulosic wastes

From: Microbial population dynamics during long-term sludge adaptation of thermophilic and mesophilic sequencing batch digesters treating sewage fine sieved fraction at varying organic loading rates

Substrate type Reactor Temperature (°C) SMA OLRa [kg COD/(m3∙day)] References
Pre-hydrolysed brewers’ spent grain EGSB 35 0.49 gCOD-CH4/(gVSS·day) 10 [36]
Cellulose powder Batch digestion assays 35 0.18 gCOD-CH4/(gVS·day) N.A. [37]
Pig manure and rice straw Batch digestion assays 35 1.31 gCOD-CH4/(gVSS·day) N.A. [38]
Pig manure and rice straw Batch digestion assays 55 1.38 gCOD-CH4/(gVSS·day) N.A. [38]
Corn straw Full-scale CSTR 37 0.2 gCOD-CH4/(gVSS·day) 1.2b [39]
Agro-industrial wastes Batch digestion assays 55 0.13 gCOD-CH4/(gVS·day) N.A. [40]
FSF SBR Digester 35 0.1 gCOD-CH4/(gVS·day) 2.5 This study
FSF SBR Digester 55 0.6 gCOD-CH4/(gVS·day) 5.5 This study
  1. N.A. data not available
  2. aThe same period when the SMA of biomass was tested
  3. bThe unit here is kg TS/(m3 day)