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Fig. 1

From: How chip size impacts steam pretreatment effectiveness for biological conversion of poplar wood into fermentable sugars

Fig. 1

Compositional analysis of aspen wood chips and milled aspen wood pretreated at 180 °C for 4 (a), 8 (b), 12 (c), and 18 (d) minutes. Glucan, xylan, and AcIR contents of the steam-pretreated milled aspen are shown on the far right, while chip sub-samples are shown to the left and labeled 1–8 to represent the 8 layers into which the pretreated wood chips were sectioned, with 1 and 8 being exterior layers, and 2–7 being interior. Downscaled compositional analysis was performed in triplicate, with error bars representing the corresponding standard deviation

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