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Table 6 Plasmids used in this study

From: Comparative assessment of native and heterologous 2-oxo acid decarboxylases for application in isobutanol production by Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Name Characteristics Origin
pUD342 AmpR, E. coli replicon, COkdcA This study
pUD350 AmpR, E. coli replicon, COkivD This study
p426GPD 2 µm ori, URA3, TDH3 p -CYC1 t [36]
pUDE001 2 µm ori, URA3, TDH3p-ARO10-CYC1t [14]
pUDE321 2 µm ori, URA3, TDH3p-kdcA-CYC1t This study
pUDE336 2 µm ori, URA3, TDH3p-kivD-CYC1t This study
pUG-AmdS 2 µm ori, URA3, TEF2p-amdS-TEF2t [40]
pUG-natNT2 2 µm ori, URA3, TEF2p-natNT2-TEF2t [45]
p414-pTEF1-Cas9-tCYC1 2 µm ori, URA3, TEF1p-cas9-CYC1t [44]
pROS10 2 μm URA3 gRNA-CAN1.Y gRNA-ADE2.Y [43]
  1. CO codon optimized