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Table 1 FTIR spectra band assignments [4753]

From: Characterization of lignin derived from water-only and dilute acid flowthrough pretreatment of poplar wood at elevated temperatures

No. Wavenumber (cm−1) Assignment
1 1708–1738 Stretching of C=O unconjugated to aromatic rings (oxidized side chains, non-conjugated carbonyl)
2 1655 Stretching of C=O conjugated to aromatic rings (conjugated carbonyl)
3 1590–1609 Aromatic ring vibrations and C=O stretching
4 1500–1515 Aromatic ring vibrations
5 1455/1425 C–H deformation and aromatic ring vibration
6 1420–1424 Aromatic ring vibrations
7 1375 C–H stretching in cellulose and hemicellulose
8 1330–1325 Syringyl nuclei (C–O stretching)
9 1270-1268/1244 Guaiacyl nuclei (C–O stretching)
10 1221 C–C, C–O, C=O stretching in G ring
11 1160 Deformation vibrations of C–H bonds on benzene rings
12 1120 Carbon ring stretching of cellulose
13 1115 Vibrations of ester linkage
14 1086 C–O stretch of secondary alcohols and aliphatic ethers
15 1048 C–O stretch in cellulose and hemicellulose
16 1060/1040/1030 C–O stretch (primary alcohols)