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TableĀ 1 40 residues of Cel7A interacting most frequently with other enzymes, lignin and cellulose

From: Mechanism of lignin inhibition of enzymatic biomass deconstruction

  1. The values are the average number of contacts a cellulase residue makes with other cellulases (enzyme), lignin and cellulose for simulation times \(t> 1000\ \mathrm{ns}\)
  2. The residues are color-coded based on their location within Cel7A
  3. Blue text indicates a residue that is part of the CD, red of the CBM and black of the linker
  4. Lighter text in lower case indicates a glycosylation (sugar) monomer, while bold upper case is an amino acid residue
  5. The cumulative sum of the top 40 contacts and the total sum of all contacts are reported in the final two rows