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Fig. 2

From: Aspergillus nidulans protein kinase A plays an important role in cellulase production

Fig. 2

Deletion of pkaA results in an increase in secreted hydrolytic enzymes. a Cellulase activities, b β-glucosidase activities, c xylanase activities and d β-xylosidase activities in different strains. Mycelia were grown in complete media for 24 h before being transferred to minimal medium supplemented with 1 % Avicel (C, cellulose) or xylan (X) or to minimal medium supplemented with 2 % glucose and 1 % cellulose or xylan (G + C; G + X) for 5 or 3 days, respectively. Enzymatic activities were determined in culture supernatants. All enzyme activities were normalized by intracellular protein concentration. Experiments were carried out in biological triplicates and the statistical significance of (***) p < 0.001 between repressing (G + C; G + X) and de-repressing (C; X) conditions

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