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Table 2 Qualitative determination of binding specificities of GFP_CBMs to insoluble substrates

From: Multifunctional cellulase catalysis targeted by fusion to different carbohydrate-binding modules

GFP_CBM Avicel PASC Mannan Xylan AFEX-SG IL-SG
3-3 B
3a B B B B
4-5 B
4-6 B
6 B
9-2 B B
11 B B B
16 B B B
22-2 B B
22-3 B
25 B B
30 B
35-1 B B
35-2 B B
35-3 B B B
50 B
  1. “B” indicates binding was detected by pull-down assay; “–” indicates binding was not detected. Estimated PF %’s for all CBMs tested in this study are shown in Additional file 1: Table S6