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Fig. 6

From: An industrial scale process for the enzymatic removal of steryl glucosides from biodiesel

Fig. 6

BGTl-mediated removal of SGs in a 20 ton industrial reactor. a A time course of the hydrolysis of SGs (expressed as conversion %) in a commercial biodiesel containing 75 ppm of SGs/water mixture (100:4.5) using 7 mg of enzyme/kg biodiesel at 65 °C in 20 mM phosphate buffer pH 6.75 and 20 mM NaCl and at 43 rpm. Error bars show the standard deviation of three independent assays. b SPE-GC-FID analysis of treated biodiesel samples. Traces are shifted on y axis for clarity. Peaks are labeled as follows: Std, cholesteryl glucoside standard; 1 campesteryl glucoside; 2 stigmasteryl glucoside and 3 β-sitosteryl glucoside

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