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Fig. 1

From: Whole-genome sequence of an evolved Clostridium pasteurianum strain reveals Spo0A deficiency responsible for increased butanol production and superior growth

Fig. 1

Growth characteristics of WT C. pasteurianum in CGM with crude glycerol and linoleic acid and directed evolution selection. a WT Cpa-specific growth rate as a function of crude glycerol concentration. Error bars represent standard deviation, four biological replicates. b WT Cpa-specific growth rate in 30 g/L pure glycerol as a function of sodium linoleate concentration. Error bars represent standard deviation, two biological replicates. c Crude glycerol contents by wt%. d Selection of mutagenized Cpa on crude glycerol. Serial transfers in CGM with the increasing levels of crude glycerol (blue bars). The population was mutagenized twice (red bar and star) and allowed to grow over 8 batches where the population-specific growth rate (orange squares) increased in the highest concentration of crude glycerol

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