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Fig. 8

From: Whole-genome sequence of an evolved Clostridium pasteurianum strain reveals Spo0A deficiency responsible for increased butanol production and superior growth

Fig. 8

Growth and metabolite analysis of C. pasteurianum WT, M150B, and ΔSpo0A strains in CGM with 100 g/L crude glycerol. a OD600 shows extended lag phase of WT (blue diamonds) compared to M150B (orange squares) and ΔSpo0A (gray triangles). Red arrows indicate samples taken for analysis. b Metabolite profiles at 40 h (hollow) and 73 h (solid) of WT (blue), M150B (orange), and ΔSpo0A (gray). Error bars represent standard deviation, two biological replicates. Stars indicate t test p value <0.05 between WT and either or both M150B and ΔSpo0A. Note that the initial CGM media contains 1.8 g/L acetic acid

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