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Fig. 7

From: Periodic-peristole agitation for process enhancement of butanol fermentation

Fig. 7

The comparison of the intracellular amino acids in periodic-peristole agitation group and traditional Rushton impeller group. a the synthesis pathways of the amino acids; b the energetic costs for amino acid biosynthesis; c, d the heat map visualizing the intracellular amino acids contents during fermentation from normal—and traditional groups. The color code indicates an increased (green) or a decreased (red) availability under the two conditions as compared to the reference process as indicated by the color legend as aside the graph. The full amino acid data set is given in Additional file 7. Availability for each amino acid was calculated as ratio of the concentration to that at reference group. Glu glutamate, Ala alanine, Asp aspartate, Pro proline, His histidine, Gly glycine, Ser serine, Leu leucine, Ile isoleucine, Val valine, Trp tryptophan, Phe phenylalanine, Met, methionine

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