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Table 2 Unique SNVs and Indels, compared to the current ATCC 824 strain, in the laboratory ATCC 824 strain COSMIC and their pyrE mutants

From: Mutant generation by allelic exchange and genome resequencing of the biobutanol organism Clostridium acetobutylicum ATCC 824

Strain NC_003030 Type Ref Allele Feature Change AA Change Function CRG_003030b
ATCC 824 COSMIC 1678711 SNV C A CA_C1534 907G > T Ala303Ser Iron ABC transporter ATP-binding protein 1678691
  2102314a SNV G(T) G CA_C1989 332A > C Gln111Pro Iron (III) ABC transporter ATPase 2102286
  3241117 SNV G T Miscellaneous Promoter region of CA_C3087 3241092
ATCC 824 COSMIC PyrE 3749367 SNV G A CA_C3553 248G > A Arg83Lys LacI family transcriptional regulator 3749536
  1. asequence identical to CA_C1989 in NC_003030 annotation at position 2102314 (G), but once the sequence is corrected to a ‘T’, the COSMIC ‘G’ at this position becomes a SNV
  2. bCRG_003030.gbk is a corrected annotation of the ATTC 824 chromosomal genome sequence and is available as a Additional file 5