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Table 4 Gene ontology analysis of transcriptional responses to different stress responses in the S. cerevisiae strain YC1

From: Transcriptional profiling reveals molecular basis and novel genetic targets for improved resistance to multiple fermentation inhibitors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

GO Term Acetic acid Furfural Acetic acid & furfural
Carbohydrate metabolic process (GO:0005975) YLR258W, YML070W, YPR160W YDL095W, YDR001C, YEL040W, YFL053W, YGR256W, YKL085W, YML100W, YMR105C, YPR160W YBR001C, YKL085W
Cellular amino acid metabolic process (GO:0006520) YLR142W YDR007 W, YDR380W, YGL184C, YJR010W, YJR137C, YKL001C, YLR142W, YMR169C YDL168W, YDR007W, YDR035W, YFL030W, YGL184C, YJL101C, YJR010W, YJR137C, YMR169C
Lipid metabolic process (GO:0006629) YOL151W, YPL095C YGL055W, YGL205W, YKL150W, YNL169C YGL205W, YKL150W, YOL151W, YPL095C
Ion transport (GO:0006811) YCL025C, YML116W YBR054W, YGR142W, YJR095W, YOR306C, YPL274W YGR055W, YGR142W, YJR095W, YML116W, YOL130W, YOR306C
Nucleobase-containing small molecule metabolic process (GO:0055086) YDL234C, YDR011W, YKL173W, YOR153W YFL037W, YGR256W, YKL151C, YMR105C, YMR120C, YNL200C YDR011W, YGR281W, YOR153W
Response to chemical (GO:0042221) YBR008C, YDR011W, YDR346C, YGR234W, YML070W,YML116W, YOR153W YDL095W, YFL014W, YFL037W, YFL053W,YGR088W, YKL150W, YOL052C-A YBR008C, YDR011W, YDR533C, YGR088W, YJL101C, YKL150W, YML116W, YOR153W
Response to oxidative stress (GO:0006979) YDR346C, YGR234W YFL014W, YGR088W, YKL150W, YOL052C-A YDR533C, YGR088W, YJL101C, YKL150W
Transmembrane transport (GO:0055085) YBR008C, YCL025C, YDR011W, YML116W, YOR153W YBR054W, YCR023C, YHR092C, YHR096C, YJR095W, YOR306C, YPL274W YBR008C, YDR011W , YGR055W, YGR281W, YJR095W, YML116W, YOL130W, YOR153W, YOR306C
  1. No common gene regulated under different stress conditions within the same bioprocess (GO Term) was found. The italic bold genes indicate the genes that were also differentially regulated in the strain S-C1 under the same conditions