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Table 1 The Parachlorella genome assembly statistics

From: Highly efficient lipid production in the green alga Parachlorella kessleri: draft genome and transcriptome endorsed by whole-cell 3D ultrastructure

Genome size 62.5 Mbp
GC (%) 58.30 %
Number of scaffolds 400 scaffolds
Average of scaffold size 156,382 bp
N50 scaffold size (>2k bases: 400 scaffolds) 543,086 bp
N50 scaffold size (>5k bases: 213 scaffolds) 595,262 bp
N50 scaffold size (>10k bases: 193 scaffolds) 595,262 bp
Longest scaffold size 2,165,932 bp
Number of contigs 5168 contigs
Average of contig size 11,748 bp
N50 contig size (>500 bases: 5168 contigs) 32,688 bp
N50 contig size (>5k bases: 2326 contigs) 36,671 bp
N50 contig size (>10k bases: 1643 contigs) 40,504 bp
Longest contig size 198,966 bp
Numbers of genes 13,057 genes
Average of protein length 467.0 aa
Average gene density 4.8 kb/gene
Average number of exons per gene 7.9 exons
Average exon length 176.3 bp
Average coding sequence 29.30 %