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Table 2 Predicted CAZymes and other potential lignocellulolytic enzymes in the P. ananatis Sd-1 genome

From: Genomic and secretomic insight into lignocellulolytic system of an endophytic bacterium Pantoea ananatis Sd-1

Enzymes Specific activity Locus tag CAZy modules Signal peptides
Cellulose and hemicellulose degradation relevant enzymes Endoglucanases Y903_RS0123720 GH8 Y
Exoglucanases Y903_RS0108720 GH10 Y
β-glucosidases Y903_RS0109910 GH1 N
Y903_RS0123340 GH1 Y
Y903_RS0115000 GH1 N
Y903_RS0103625 GH1 N
Y903_RS0104945 GH1 N
Y903_RS0106975 GH1 N
Y903_RS0113180 GH3 Y
Y903_RS0116520 GH3 N
Oxidoreductase Y903_RS0100765 GH109 N
Y903_RS0119930 GH109 N
Y903_RS0103245 GH109 N
Y903_RS0108420 GH109 N
α-N-arabinofuranosidase Y903_RS0119145 GH43 N
Y903_RS0120675 GH51 N
α-mannosidase Y903_RS0105780 GH38 N
Galactosidase Y903_RS0108500 GH2 N
Y903_RS0110160 GH4 N
Esterase Y903_RS0100380 CE1 N
Y903_RS0104455 CE10 Y
Y903_RS0104990 CE16 N
Y903_RS0120815 CE10 Y
Y903_RS0117780 CE10 Y
Acyl-CoA esterase Y903_RS0113655 CE1 N
Acyl-CoA thioesterase Y903_RS0114420 CE3 N
Carboxylesterase Y903_RS0117855 CE1 N
Y903_RS0116340 CE10 N
Lignin degradation relevant enzymes Multicopper oxidase Y903_RS0111680 Y
Y903_RS0119240 Y
Catalase/hydroperoxidase Y903_RS0115335 AA2 N
GMC family oxidoreductase Y903_RS0107765 AA3 N
Quinone oxidoreductase Y903_RS0112360 N
Y903_RS0117910 N
Y903_RS0118595 N
Y903_RS0110255 N
Y903_RS0120835 N
Y903_RS0120850 N
Y903_RS0120855 N
Y903_RS0120880 N
Y903_RS0105425 N
Y903_RS0107980 N
Glutathione S-transferase Y903_RS0123560 N
Y903_RS0108490 N
Y903_RS0107875 N
Y903_RS0120970 N