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Table 3 The composition of residual whey permeatea

From: A novel cell factory for efficient production of ethanol from dairy waste

Composition Concentration
Lactose 150 g/L
Galactose 3 g/L
Aspartate 0.252 mM (mmol/L)
Threonine 0.076 mM
Serine 0.088 mM
Glutamate 1.464 mM
Proline 0.384 mM
Glycine 0.904 mM
Alanine 0.24 mM
Cysteine 0.096 mM
Valine 0.072 mM
Methionine 0.124 mM
isoleucine 0.04 mM
Leucine 0.092 mM
Histidine 0.208 mM
Lysine 0.304 mM
Arginine 0.096 mM
  1. aResidual whey permeate is a concentrate of the residue remaining after lactose extraction from whey permeate