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Table 1 Energy content and price of the feedstock and products of the process

From: Life cycle impacts of ethanol production from spruce wood chips under high-gravity conditions

  Energy content [MJ kg\(^{-1}\)] Price [€ t\(^{-1}\)]
Spruce 19.2 60\(^\mathrm{a}\)
Ethanol 29.7 600\(^\mathrm{b}\)
Lignin 24 300\(^\mathrm{c}\)
Biogas (methane) 50 570\(^\mathrm{d}\)
  1. Spruce is the feedstock, ethanol is the main product, and biogas and lignin pellets are the by-products
  2. aPrice of delivered spruce wood chips is assumed to be 60 € t\(^{-1}\) (based on data from Table 3 (p. 1076) in Liptow et al. [37])
  3. b
  4. cAssumed to be sold as an alternative renewable fuel [57]
  5. dPrice is based on natural gas price for medium size industries in Sweden in 2014 [58]