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Fig. 3

From: Hyper-accumulation of starch and oil in a Chlamydomonas mutant affected in a plant-specific DYRK kinase

Fig. 3

Biomass and starch production during photoautotrophic N deprivation. All strains were grown photoautotrophically in an MM medium supplemented with 2 % CO2, at a light intensity of 100 µmol photons m−2 s−1 and then subjected to N deprivation (at day 0). a Visual observation of cell pellets from 1 ml N-starved cells harvested at different time points. b Biomass (measured as dry weight) and intracellular starch were determined in N-starved strains. Data represent means ± SD (n = 3) (upper error bar dry weight, lower error bar, starch). c Northern blot analysis of DYRKP transcripts in response to N deprivation

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