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Table 7 Accession numbers for transcriptome data used in this paper

From: A complete annotation of the chromosomes of the cellulase producer Trichoderma reesei provides insights in gene clusters, their expression and reveals genes required for fitness

Condition Accession number Method Ref.
Glucose vs. lactose GSE39276 Oligonucleotide array [51]
Glucose vs. cellulose (wheat straw) GSE46155 Oligonucleotide array [52]
Glycerol, sophorose GSE59600 RNAseq [53]
Conidiation GSE27471 Oligonucleotide array [58]
Confrontation GSE23438 Oligonucleotide array [57]
Lactose for ChiP-sequencing GSE22687 Oligonucleotide array [54]