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Table 1 Optimized parameters of the enzymatic hydrolysis and yeast fermentation

From: Model-based optimization and scale-up of multi-feed simultaneous saccharification and co-fermentation of steam pre-treated lignocellulose enables high gravity ethanol production

Parameters Optimized value 95 % Confidence intervals Unit Description
\(k_{\text{ad}}\) 0.27 [0.03, 0.5] g solid FPU−1 h−1 Adsorption rate constant
\(k\) 0.016 [0.009, 0.03] g cellulose FPU−1 h−1 Hydrolysis rate constant
\(K_{\text{G}}\) 6.13 [2.7, 13.8] g L−1 Inhibition constant of glucose in cellulose hydrolysis
\(\gamma\) 0.028 [0.01, 0.08] Proportionality factor between xylan and cellulose degradation
\(K_{\text{iEtOH}}\) 16.6 Assumeda g L−1 Inhibition constant of ethanol in cellulose hydrolysis
\(q_{\text{G}}\) 1.6 Assumeda g g−1 h−1 Specific glucose uptake rate by yeast
\(K\) 0.01 Assumedb g L−1 Saturation constant of glucose uptake
\(Y_{\text{EtOH}}\) 0.42 Assumedb g g−1 Ethanol yield on glucose
\(\alpha\) 0.026 Assumedb h−1 Pre-exponential factor of the ethanol-induced death rate coefficient
\(\beta\) 0.0037 Assumedb L g−1 Exponential factor of the ethanol-induced death rate coefficient
  1. aModified from [9]
  2. bModified from [29]