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Table 1 Short description of the isoprene-producing strains, which carry different promoter gene combinations for the isoprene synthesis

From: Insights into isoprene production using the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

No Genotype Resistance
# 642 pVZ325-P rbcL -IspS-oop Gentamycin/spectinomycin
# 643 pVZ325-P tac-lacI -IspS-oop Gentamycin/spectinomycin
# 704 pVZ326-P rbcL -IspS-oop-P tac-lacI -IspS-oop Gentamycin
# 731 pVZ326-P rbcL -IspS-oop-P psaA* -IspS-oop Gentamycin
# 796 pVZ326-P psbA2 -dxs-oop-P psaA* -IspS-oop Gentamycin
# 816 pVZ326-P psaA* -IspS-oop-P rbcL -dxs-oop Gentamycin