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Table 2 Comparison of our maximum isoprene production per day with data, which were reported in previous studies using cyanobacteria

From: Insights into isoprene production using the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

Maximum isoprene production per day Expression cassette localized on … Reference
50 µg/g DCW Chromosome [4]
67 µg/g DCW Chromosome [5]
250 µg/g DCW Chromosome [6]
63 µg/g DCW (pH 10) Chromosome [7]
25 µg/g DCW (pH 10 + 600 mM NaCl) Chromosome [7]
93 µg/g DCW (0 % NaCl) Plasmid This study (# 642 in the closed system)
71 µg/g DCW (4 % NaCl) Plasmid
336 µg/g DCW (0 % NaCl) Plasmid This study (# 642 in the open system)
  1. The isoprene values of Chaves et al. [7] and of Bentley and Melis [5] were recalculated to the dry weight basis using the reported relation of OD750 to dry cell weight (DCW). The calculation of the dry cell weight in our study based on the determined relation OD750 to dry cell weight (DCW) shown in the Additional file 10